Focus T25 Results

Focus T25 ResultsToday I’m sharing my personal Focus T25 Results. I started Focus T25 with the intention of losing some of the belly fat I gained. After my P90X Results, I put on some weight again (as mentioned in the video below).

One of the things I hate the MOST is having belly fat. I feel uncomfortable, unhealthy, and disgusting (ever have that same feeling)? That is what led me to my GOAL with Focus T25 Results: Lose that Belly Fat!

Focus T25 Results – Defining My Goal

If you don’t know about Focus T25 yet, it is structured around 25 minutes per day (that’s it!). It also doesn’t require a whole lot of equipment, and is made by the INSANITY trainer Shaun T.

My Goal was to lose belly fat. I wasn’t really focused on getting ripped with this program (although you can absolutely use it for that purpose if you wish). Here were my top three goals with Focus T25:

  • Lose Belly Fat – I wanted to lose around 10 pounds to melt that belly fat.
  • Complete All 60 Days – Alpha & Beta phases of Focus T25 are 30 days each. I wanted to complete this program in full.
  • Eat Healthy – My goal was to follow the Nutrition Guide but also focus on eating healthy. I tracked my nutrition through MyFitnessPal. I actually used the P90X Fat Shredder Diet (1900 calories, 50% Protein, 30% Carbs, 20% Fat). You can easily plug these into MyFitnessPal’s free app to stay on track.

As a Coach, I can help you no matter what your goal is with Focus T25 Results. Whether you want to lose weight or get ripped, I’ll give you free support. Learn more by Joining Sweet Life Fitness through Team Beachbody (Click Here).

Focus T25 Results – Video and Picture Review

So did I achieve my goals that I discussed above? I did! I lost 11 pounds and around 3 inches off of my waist.

This picture shows the biggest difference, where you can see that belly fat blasted off:

Focus T25 Results Bob

Also, check out my YouTube video on the Focus T25 Results achieved:

How YOU can get the Same (Or BETTER) Focus T25 Results

Here are my top suggestions for achieving good Focus T25 Results yourself:

  • Follow the Workouts Each Day – After all, it’s only 25 minutes, and it does work! Follow the plan day-by-day and give it your all. I always advise the Team Members of Sweet Life Fitness to push until failure. Yes – you want to fail! This means you are pushing yourself outside of the comfort zone (where the results live).
  • Follow the Nutrition Plan (and Plan Ahead) – Use MyFitnessPal or another calorie-tracking app. This will keep you on target with your nutritional goals.
  • Connect with Sweet Life Fitness – Get your Free Team Beachbody account and the Sweet Life Fitness Coaches can help you achieve great Focus T25 Results. Reach out to us with questions, advice, tips, tricks, and much more.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my Focus T25 Results. Comment below and say HI, and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to also check out my Focus T25 review for more information on the program.

Yours in Fitness Success,

Coach Bob Sharpe


If you had done p90x3 instead of t25 when you had the belly fat, would you think you wouldve lost more weight and toned up more? Because I am almost fit in other parts of my body but i have belly fat and I plan on losing it and have been confused between choosing t25 or p90x3 Im afraid i will  lose muscle with t25 but I plan on losing the fat and idk i feel the t25 program fits more into my schedule.. Any advice? (Ive checked your video on t25 vs p90x3) I weigh about 165 pounds

SweetLifeCoach moderator

@iamomarhamadeh Thanks for stopping by! You have an incredible question. The quick answer is, YES I do believe X3 would have helped tone me up more. My big struggle, being very tall is that I don't incredible muscle tone as some who have worked out in the past (high school sports, military, etc). While T25 definitely helped me lose body fat, I didn't have much toned in the abs or arms, mainly because I didn't have the resistance I needed. This is where I would recommend P90X3 because you'll still get the cardio to burn fat (CVX, Agility X, etc) combined with more strengthening routines like Eccentric Upper/Lower and the Challenge. That way you have an awesome blend of both fat burn and muscle build while you get the results you're after. I also think the X3 nutrition guide is great compared to T25...much more detailed and assisting with making muscle gains and losing body fat.

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