P90X vs P90X3 – You Might Just Never do P90X Again!

P90X vs P90X3There is big buzz out there for the newest released P90X3 program. But when you compare P90X vs P90X3 which one is better for you? That is what I’m discussing today! In fact, depending on what YOU are interested in, you may never do P90X (or P90X3) again!

Before I start, I have received questions about P90X2 vs P90X3 and P90X. Unlike P90X3, P90X2 serves as a graduate program of P90X. This means it technically is “harder” than P90X. How? It incorporates the same muscle confusion techniques introduced in P90X, only with a balance and core-focus factor. X2 adds medicine balls, stability balls, and balance moves on top of the extreme fitness.

P90X vs P90X3 – What are the FIVE Core Differences?

Here are the FIVE core differences between P90X vs P90X3:

  • TIME: Yep, the big difference is TIME. P90X has 60-120 minute workouts. P90X2 has around 45-60 minute workouts. P90X3 is consistently 30 minutes per day (no more, no less). If you had a time crunch problem with X or X2, P90X3 may just be your gem. Studies also show that 30 minute exercises can tend to be more impactful and beneficial than longer workouts.
  • INTENSITY: P90X3 is only 30 minutes, but that does NOT mean it is easier. In fact, it has moves from P90X and P90X2 integrated. You don’t get off easy; you just get to finish faster.
  • WORKOUTS: There are 16 workout DVDs in the P90X3 base kit (see P90X3 workouts for each description). With P90X and P90X2, there are only 12 workouts in the base kits. With P90X3 you get more workouts and more variety.
  • EQUIPMENT: P90X and P90X3 are most similar with equipment needed. Both require either resistance bands or dumbbells and the Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar. P90X2 is the program that has the most equipment needs. X2 equipment includes chin-up bar, resistance bands/dumbbells, medicine balls, stability ball, and foam roller.
  • RESULTS: One of the most important differences is the results! During the P90X test group, the goal was to see if people lost weight and got results without wasting time at the gym. The test group had overwhelming results. But P90X3 got better results! All but one participant in the P90X3 lost 1/3 of their body fat after completing the program. For an at-home DVD program, that is phenomenal and unheard of! This means that you can get the same great results with P90X3 that you did with P90X, only in shorter time.

Should I do P90X before P90X3?

So, do you think you should do P90X before P90X3? I’ll let our man Tony Horton answer that question in the below video. Be sure to also look below the video for the defining factors on whether P90X vs P90X3 is better for YOU!

Time for You to Decide. P90X vs P90X3?

I hope you found the information above on P90X vs P90X3 helpful. Which one would work best for you? I’ve included a few questions to ask yourself below to determine which is best for you.

Tony Horton himself said that P90X3 may touch more lives. Why? It’s shorter, it is a program that can be used for beginners, and it works! There are less breaks and downtime, so it’s fitness accelerated to help you get in the best shape of your life. Think of it as a prequel to P90X.

Ask yourself these questions to decide:

  • How much time can I commit? If you don’t like the idea of 60+ minutes of workouts per day, P90X3 will be your better option right off the bat. If you have more time to dedicate and enjoy spending longer time exercising with some downtime in between moves, P90X or P90X2 is best.
  • What is my MAIN Goal? Do you want to lose body fat and get ripped? Do you want to shred your core and improve balance? If you answered yes to the first question, P90X or P90X3. If you answered YES to the second question, P90X2 is best for you.
  • How Much Equipment Can I afford to have (Space and $)? If you do P90X2, you will need the most equipment (see above). If I could rank the programs from most equipment to least, it would be P90X2, P90X, and P90X3. You can literally load up some resistance bands and take P90X3 on the road with you.

Time for you to decide! P90X vs P90X3? To learn more about the programs and to get the programs (which include additional free bonuses when purchased here), click below.

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Coach Bob Sharpe